If you’ve ever paid a visit to Sam’s Club or Costco, you know the purchasing power of buying in bulk! Businesses can offer great discounts to consumers who choose to buy in bulk and everyone wins.

With more people paying attention to alternative energy sources, solar is becoming more popular than ever, utilizing the clean and renewable energy the sun releases daily.

Next Energy Solution, a solar company dedicated to providing energy solutions in Wisconsin, is harnessing the power of performing efficient, geographically similar installations by offering a 2019 Heart of the North Group Buy for solar energy. Whether you live near Spooner, Osceola, Eau Claire or Marshfield, there’s a great opportunity to participate in a bulk buy for solar.

The Power Of A Group Buy

Large municipalities in Wisconsin have done group buys for solar before, but the NES Heart of the North program is bringing the power of the solar group buy to a previously ignored rural area.

NES has managed record-setting group buys, and offers several pricing tiers. The overall cost of the project (which tier is utilized) depends on the number of customers who are participating. A recent group buy had enough participants that NES was able to put over 86 systems on their lowest-cost tier.

Solar group buying is a great option for a wide variety of consumers. Whether you are a residential homeowner looking for monthly energy savings, or a commercial or municipal enterprise interested in trimming overhead costs, getting in on a solar group buy is the most economical way of harnessing this clean, renewable energy source.

How It Works

If you’re interested in participating in this group buy, your first step is to contact Next Energy Solution at (715) 416-3022. Make sure you tell them you are interested in the Heart of the North group buy. The buy covers an extensive area of the state of Wisconsin, including towns such as Bloomer, Hudson, Rice Lake, Tomah, and Black River Falls, just to name a few.

Your next step will be for NES to come to your property and provide you with a site assessment. During a site assessment, installation experts will look at the geographic location of the property, where the sunlight hits best, and what would be the most feasible installation setup.

A uniquely affordable option that NES offers when it comes to installation is their Ready-To-Install system. An RTI kit is extremely efficient, with an easy setup and a cost that comes out to less than $2 per watt. NES can share with you a cost analysis, based on the best setup for your property.

Please note that most local utilities have committed to help solar energy buyers with interconnection issues as well as potential rebates. During your site assessment, your NES expert can answer questions or address any concerns and assist you with the paperwork for your utility and inform you of any grant or rebate options that may apply to your project from other sources throughout the state.

Don’t Miss Out On the Heart Of North Group Solar Buy

It’s simple: contact NES, get a site assessment scheduled for the Heart of the North Group Buy, then make an informed decision about whether you’d like to lower your overall energy costs and do something good for the environment at the same time!  More and more of your neighbors in Wisconsin are choosing solar for their energy needs. So, whether you’re in Thorp, Pepin, or Onalaska, you’ll want to get in on this amazing opportunity.

There is a deadline to schedule for your site assessment. In order to participate in the Heart of the North buy, you’ll have to request an assessment/quote by the tentative deadline of May 3rd, 2019. You don’t have to commit — the deadline is to request the site assessment.

Participating in the Heart of the North group buy with NES not only makes “going solar” affordable, but you’ll rest easier knowing you helped make Wisconsin a cleaner, greener place.