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Simple, affordable energy solutions.

Next Energy Solution was created with the belief that simple and affordable energy solutions should be obtainable for everyone.

Building on this fundamental belief, NES now includes an innovative way to offer solar energy to everyone. Take a look at our simple & affordable, ready-to-install (RTI) solar energy system today. Our system’s performance exceeds typical industry standards. NES is able to provide the latest technologies and advancements that often take years to become mainstream.

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Our System Saves You More

The NES Grid Tie System is a perfect way to reduce or even eliminate your electrical bill while maintaining the reliability of the grid. Take a look at how it works.

How Solar Works

Solar panels are energized by the sun’s photons, producing DC current which flows to the grid tied inverter, and then feeds 240 volt AC current into your existing breaker panel.

The excess is fed into the grid, thus called net-metering and is used by your neighbor. If the consumption is greater than the panel’s production, the grid makes up the difference automatically.

At nighttime, when the solar panels are not producing electricity, the inverter automatically switches off and the grid takes over.

This alternating between grid and panels reduces or even eliminates your electrical bill while maintaining the reliability of the grid.

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The NES Grid Tie ‘RTI’ System Offers You More

  • The most cost effective (typically half the cost) way to go solar
  • Expandable. Grow your system to fit your budget and needs
  • Quickest paybacks (2 – 4 year average)
  • Engineered system for homes, businesses, farms, and cabins
  • Strong, patented modular design offers roof & ground mounts with 1/3 fewer fasteners
  • 50+ year life expectancy. Solar energy is the logical choice for helping the environment
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