Following up on the record-breaking 2018 group buy of 86 installations totaling 489kW, Cheq Bay Renewables is again partnering with Next Energy Solution to make solar energy a reality for local residents. This unique energy partnership provides solar energy savings for municipal, residential, agricultural and business customers alike. With a wait list already established for the scheduled 2019 group buy partnership between NES and Cheq Bay, you can be assured that the upcoming buy will push last year’s remarkable savings!

2018 Record-Setting Group Buy

While large municipalities have organized solar group buys in the past, the 2018 collaboration between Cheq Bay Renewables, a non-profit, and Next Energy Solution, a solar energy firm, was unique with it occurring in rural regions of the state, versus the heavily populated areas such as Milwaukee or Madison.

NES has three purchasing tiers set up for group buys with the final pricing dependent on the total number of participants. Last years response of 73 residential, 10 business and 3 municipal buildings resulted in the group buy achieving the lowest price tier along with cost savings on the installation and future energy savings. Adding to the desirability of the project was the willingness of both Xcel and Bayfield Electric Cooperative to assist with interconnection and various rebate programs.

Participants selecting the Ready-To-Install (RTI) kit offered by NES were able to receive additional savings by eliminating installation costs. This option is especially popular in Wisconsin, where many residents prefer an uncomplicated do-it-yourself take on solar energy setup.

The 2019 Buy Promises To Be Even Bigger

Building on the momentum of 2018, Cheq Bay is again gearing up for another successful group buy. With over 110 sites currently in the process of obtaining site assessments and quotes from NES, the 2019 project is on track once again for the largest group buy in state history.

If you’re in the Bayfield, Solon Springs, Drummond, Mellen, or Chequamegon Bay Area, there’s still time to get in on the 2019 solar group buy while also benefiting from the last year the 30% federal tax credit will be offered. Cheq Bay Renewables has information online and NES is holding information sessions through April 30th, 2019.

Getting In On the Next Solar Group Buy

A group buy is the perfect way to bring efficient solar energy into your residence or business in the most cost-effective way possible. With a proven track record between the utility companies, NES, and Cheq Bay, along with a ready-to-install kit from NES, it could not be simpler to create an environmentally friendly, self-sufficient energy solution for your home or business.

May 1st is the preliminary deadline to sign up for an assessment and installation quote from NES. You will then have until July 1 to officially sign a contract to participate in the group buy. With participation estimates already exceeding initial goals, it is very likely that NES will once again be able to offer lowest-tier pricing for your solar energy system. The goal is to have all installations complete by November 1.

NES is the perfect installation choice for this program, given the company’s extensive history with both residential and commercial installations. 

Contact Next Energy Solution today for your site assessment and group buy quote and additional solar options available from NES.